Behavior Trees for ROS2

Learn to use Behavior Trees in ROS2.

20 hours
1 robot used
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Course overview

Understand the concept of the Behavior Trees framework. Learn how to use the Behavior Trees framework in practice and how to apply them with ROS2.

What You Will Learn

The course is dedicated to robot enthusiasts and all the others who would like to stay abreast of current robotics development.
During the course, you are going to learn about:

  1. Behaviour Trees as a new abstraction layer in the software robotics stack.
  2. Learn about the mechanisms and design principles of the Behavior Trees framework.
  3. You will receive practical skills to use BehaviorTree.CPP framework together with ROS2 (architect the robot behavior).
  4. You will learn the advanced mechanisms of BehaviorTree.CPP framework (stochastic behavior) and automated planning.

Course Summary

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Course Creators

Markus Buchholz