Using NVIDIA Jetson Nano with ROS

Learn DeepLearnin using NVIDIA Jetson Nano with IgnisBot.

Advanced Robot Programming with AI
25 hours
5 exercises
3 robots used
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Course overview

Learn how to use NVIDIA Jetson Nano for deep learning in simulation and in a physical robot.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of NVIDIA jetson NANO setup.
  • How to move a jetbot based robot
  • How to train through deep learning a robot to be able to do obstacle avoidance
  • How to track people and follow them.
  • How to execute code designed for GPU-CUDA enabled hardware in only CPU systems.
  • Build your own IgnisBot, a robot designed for DeepLearning with JetsonNano Hardware.

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Hiroshi Imamra
Rated 4 stars out of 5
6/9/2022, 04:20:12

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