Using OpenAI with ROS

Use the power of OpenAI combined with ROS simulations the easiest way.

Advanced Robot Programming with AI
15 hours
19 exercises
4 robots used
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Course overview

In this Course, you are going to learn how to use the OpenAI ROS structure developed
by The Construct and how to generate new code for it. The OpenAI ROS structure will
allow you to develop for OpenAI with ROS in a much more easy way.

What You Will Learn

  • Basic Concepts of the OpenAI ROS structure
  • Set up the OpenAI ROS structure for a CartPole environment
  • Train the Cartpole with the qlearn algorithm
  • Set up the OpenAI ROS structure for a Moving Cube environment
  • Train the Cube with the qlearn algorithm
  • Modifying the learning algorithm: DeepQ
  • Set up the OpenAI ROS structure for a Fetch Robot
  • Training Fetch robot with the HER algorithm from OpenAI baselines

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