OpenCV Basics for Robotics

Learn how to work with OpenCV in ROS.

Advanced Robot Programming with AI
18 hours
28 exercises
2 robots used
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Course overview

Relate to the environment, recognize patterns, understand concepts of pixels, colors, borders, detection of objects, detection of people, faces, etc. They make this combination one of extraordinary potential when it comes to obtaining useful information for a robot about the system that surrounds it. A clear example is the use of cameras in robotics, from drones to mobile robots. The use of cameras has been a constant for quite some time, and it is a tool that cannot be underestimated.

What You Will Learn

  • Unit 2: Computer Vision Basics
  • Unit 3: People related OpenCV functions
  • Unit 4: Feature Matching
  • Unit 5: ARTags (Augmented Reality)
  • Unit 6: Course Project

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